Fitness Friday

I came really close to not posting my usual Fitness Friday recap this week. Life got in the way all week and I did not step foot into the gym until today.

Saturday: Went skiing as planned. I am a beginner skier so it took me a bit to get my bearings after 6-7 years of not skiing. It was definitely a workout. I used muscles that I forgot I had!

Sunday: We went snow tubing? That’s not much of a workout because snow tubing places have little conveyor belts that carry you up the hill. I like to say I worked my abs while laughing as T and I raced each other down.

Monday: We both woke up sick. T had a high fever while I just felt like I had a cold. THANK GOODNESS I got a flu shot. I could feel my body fighting against the flu T had.

Tuesday: Still sick. Totally exhausted.

Wednesday: Finally feeling better. Lots to do to catch up at work. No time to get to the gym.

Thursday: Planning on going to the gym, but then I was greeted by a puffy-eyed Molly when I woke up. She got bitten by a spider in the middle of the night and broke out in hives. Spent the morning with her at the vet. Luckily the shots they gave her worked and she’s 100% better now!


Friday: Finally made it to the gym! My alarm didn’t go off this morning so I barely had time to fit a quick mile in. Not even going to post my time – it’s too embarrassingly slow.

Man it is so hard to get back into a routine once I break it. Does anyone else have that problem? Next week will be better, I promise! (I hope…)

Saturday/Sunday: It’s supposed to be rather warm this weekend so hopefully we can fit in two quick runs. T is still not feeling 100% so it probably won’t be much.

Monday: 1.5 miles

Tuesday: Yoga night

Wednesday: 1 mile and core conditioning class

Thursday: 2 miles

Friday: 1.5 miles

Long term running goal: I really really want to get to a point where I can consistently run 3 miles on the treadmill. This is nothing for many people, but I really struggle with running (especially on a treadmill) so even 1 mile feels like an accomplishment. I’m training for a 5k at the end of May and want to run faster than I did in my last (and first) 5k in November.



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