The Liebster Award

I came home from a quick ski trip with T to a nomination for the Liebster Award from Ursula of Northern Ambitions. What a fabulous surprise to top off an already excellent weekend! I am a pretty new blogger, still trying to figure out my way and my vision for this blog, so it was a great surprise to receive a nomination for an award when I was not even sure people read my simple little blog.


How it works: 

The Liebster Award helps generate attention for new and upcoming bloggers, generally those with 200 followers or less.

Here are the rules:

  • Acknowledge the nominating blogger
  • Answer 11 questions the nominating blogger has created for you
  • 11 random facts about yourself
  • List some bloggers with fewer than 200 followers that you really feel deserve a little blogging love!
  • Let all of the bloggers know you have nominated them. You cannot nominate the blogger that nominated you!
  • Post 11 questions for the bloggers you have nominated to answer

My answers to Ursula’s questions: 

1. Describe your perfect lazy Sunday.

I’m not one for sleeping in well past 8:30-9 am, but on Sundays I like to stay in bed (or go back to bed if I am on animal duty) and read the morning away. Then T and I usually get some food of some sort. I prefer not to run any errands on Sundays as that always makes me feel like I am wasting the day (even if I am being productive). If it’s nice out, you can find me outside with the horses and the dogs. In the fall/winter, T watches football every Sunday. I used to roll my eyes at that, thinking it was a waste of a perfectly good Sunday. But now I actually miss football Sundays when I could curl up next to him on the couch and work on a knitting or scrapbooking project.

2. If your house was burning what are the three objects you’d be sure to save?

This is a hard one. The practical side of me would choose the most expensive things I own that would be hard to replace: laptop, phone, wallet, etc. However, those things are replaceable. So I would choose a shoebox I’ve filled with momentos and photographs (ok I have more than one shoebox, but there’s one I would choose over the others because contains a cassette of stories that my grandmother and grandfather recorded for me when I was little). I would also grab our family Bible – although I am not religious at all, I would still choose this because it contains a history of all the births, weddings, and deaths in our family back into the 19th century. Last, I would save a sock doll my grandmother made me from my grandfather’s sock – he’s called Mr. Night Night and wears a flower dress.

3. What is the one goal you’d like to accomplish in your lifetime?

I am always making lists of goals and doing my best to check them off so it’s hard to just choose one. One of my newest goals that I’ve only recently discovered is to write a novel. I don’t care if it ever gets published, but I want to finish a novel. When I was younger, I was always writing down little stories (often they featured talking animals), but I never finished them. Now I have a couple of ideas, so I am going to choose one and run with it all the way to the finish line, even if it takes me years.

4. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Cheese. I love it. Cheddar in particular. Adding cheese to food makes it so much better.

5. What is your favourite winter activity?

Sledding! This winter we finally got enough snow to actually go sledding more than once. I will forever enjoy suiting up, grabbing a brightly colored plastic sled, and hurtling down one of the many hills on our farm. My favorite hill is probably one in the horse pasture. It’s quite steep so as you go flying down you have to be sure to bail out well before you hit the fence since you slide about 10 feet after that.

6. Where would you go if you were invisible?

My biggest dream is to explore the world, but obviously there are financial constraints hindering that dream. So if I were invisible, I would go the airport and jump on a random plane to a random destination. I would explore the area to my hearts content, and then go jump on another plane to a random destination, and so on and so forth.

7. If you were Archie, would you choose Betty or Veronica?

I am embarrassed to admit that I never really read those comic books (or any comic books for that matter except for the comics in the Sunday papers). But my friend had a ton of them, so I did read a few. From what I remember, I think I liked Betty better. She seemed nicer than Veronica.

8. When’s the last time you did a random act of kindness for a stranger?

It’s been a while since I’ve purposely done a random act of kindness for a stranger since I think holding doors for people, letting people know when they drop something, or giving up your seat on a crowded subway are all acts of common courtesy. I probably should be more conscious about random act of kindnesses though.

This is perhaps my most memorable act of kindness. In my last year of college, a group of friends and I put sticky notes around the school that said nice things such as “You’re beautiful,” “Your smile lights up your face,” “You are special. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.” A couple weeks later, a girl I am friends with on Facebook but don’t know very well posted a photo of a sticky note I wrote and placed on a mirror in the girl’s bathroom. She said it made her crappy day ten times better. It was so gratifying to see something small light up someone’s day.

9. What was your favourite book as a child?

Ok this is probably the hardest question of them all because I love to read. Always have. Therefore, I have a ton of favorite books. So I am just going to choose the first one that I thought of. It’s not one book, but rather a series of books called Heartland by Lauren Brooke. They are about a girl who takes over the running of her family farm after her mother dies. The farm specializes in natural horsemanship and aiding horses that are deemed incurable. I LOVED these books when I was in middle school. I loved them so much that I started studying natural horsemanship. I had books on aromatherapy and longed to do a Pat Parelli clinic. In my time capsule that we had to do in eighth grade, I wrote that I wanted to own a natural horsemanship farm one day. Somewhere along the line, that dream died as I realized the impracticality of it. However, it does live on in my work with my horses. We’ve done some work, with help from a family friend, in natural horsemanship and my horses adore it. If only I could find the time to do more.

10. What were you for Halloween last year?

T and I didn’t do anything for Halloween this year. In 2012, we unexpectedly went to a Halloween party. When people asked what we were, I said we were nudists on strike (we were in normal clothes).

11. What have you done that you are most proud of?

Started running!! I’ve always hated it, still do in a way. But I was feeling stuck last summer, so I got on the treadmill one day and ran. I barely made it a quarter of a mile, but I did it. Now I have one 5k under my belt and am training for another one. I am still slow and can barely finish a 5k, but I can do it. I tend to start doing things and then give up or let it fall to the wayside. But I haven’t let that happen with running (except for a bit around the holidays when work was crazy). It’s so hard, but I love how I feel when I finish a run. Maybe someday I can even work my way up to a 10k.

11 Random Facts About Me:

1) I hate bitter things – beer, tea, vinegar, etc.

2) I can read and write the Korean alphabet, but I can’t tell you what any of the words mean.

3) I’m the seventh generation to live on our farm.

4) I feel claustrophobic in cities and crowds, but not in tight spaces.

5) I am a chopstick pro.

6) I can’t stand it when people crack their knuckles.

7) My favorite time of the month is going to the library with my mom. We both read insanely fast so we usually walk out with at least twenty books each.

8) I am very sentimental and hate throwing things out. But I am not a hoarder despite what T says.

9) I love stuffed animals. They make me happy.

10) My parents had to force me to eat ice cream when I was little. Now I like it though, don’t worry!

11) I have so many hobbies that I don’t have time for them all!

My nominated bloggers:


Emmeline from Run For The Pizza

Donna from Bay Photos by Donna

Megan from That Running Girl

11 questions!

1) If you had to live in another country, where would you live and why?

2) What is your biggest irrational fear?

3) Is the glass half full or half empty?

4) If you could pause time for a moment, what moment would you choose?

5) What superpower have you always wanted?

6) When was the last time you did a happy dance?

7) What inspires you?

8) Do you have a goal for 2014? If so, how to you plan to reach it?

9) Why do you blog?

10) What hobby do you enjoy the most?

11) Everyone has weird quirks. What is one of yours?

I love the idea of this award. I can’t wait to read what others post. One of the highlights of my day is catching up on your blogs. Thank you again Ursula for nominating me! You really made my day.


5 thoughts on “The Liebster Award

  1. Love your answers! It made laugh so hard when you said you were a nudist on strike, amazing. I would also like to jump on random planes if I was invisible. Plus I’d totally sit in First Class cause no one would be able to kick me out. Your sticky notes in college is such a nice idea. 🙂

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