Fitness Friday

Saturday-Sunday: While we were busy building things and taking care of the animals, the closest we got to exercise was probably watching the Olympics.

Monday: 1.5 miles at 18:08 – my muscles felt very tight and my knee twinged a bit so I didn’t push myself. I did throw in 6 minutes on the stair climber machine (not sure the proper name).

Tuesday: After a very busy day, I managed to a quick yoga routine (Level 2 Yoga/Pilates Fusion: A Core/Hip Quickie).

Wednesday: Just barely fit in a 1.5 mile run (17:27). Bad weather coming our way tomorrow and it looks like the fitness center will be closed. Looks like I won’t be getting those 2 miles in this week.

ThursdayAs predicted, we got slammed with a snow storm – 13 inches of wet heavy snow! This is the most snow we’ve gotten since the snowmageddon in 2010. I got a great work out shoveling our walkway and all around the cars.

Friday: I decided to maintain my rest day today. I just don’t have time to get into the gym with the snow and all. I hope everyone has a Happy Valentine’s Day! I’ll be driving over to the shore tonight to go out to dinner with T at a delicious Italian place.

Next week goals

Saturday/Sunday: Skiing and snow tubing (and probably more shoveling)!

Monday: 1.5 miles and maybe another round of the stair machine?

Tuesday: Yoga day!

Wednesday: Core conditioning class plus 1 mile on treadmill

Thursday: 1.75 miles

Friday: 2 miles


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