Fitness Friday

Saturday: Beautiful day! Went for a quick trail ride in the mud.

Sunday: Due to the mud, we rode some in my neighbors ring. We discovered that all four of us (T, the horses, and I) are pretty out of shape. I sense a lot more trotting in our future.

Monday: Supposed to run 1.5 miles and row for 5 minutes, but the rowing machine was occupied by the time I finish 1.5 miles so I stayed on the treadmill and ran 2 miles.

  • 1 mile: 10:47
  • 1.5 miles: 16:04
  • 2 miles: 22:02.

That’s a record for me!

Tuesday: Supposed to do yoga – got distracted and totally forgot until 11 pm! Oops.

Wednesday: The day started pretty crazily when I discovered everything was coated in ice. I went in to work late and managed to squeeze a quick 1.25 mile run in.

Thursday: A friend asked if I wanted to meet for lunch, so obviously I chose to see her over going to the gym.

Friday: Today was a lot busier than normal but I managed to fit a one miler (10:46) at the end of the day. Not my scheduled 2 miles but better than nothing!

So clearly I did not stick to my workout plan this week. For a while, I felt pretty stressed about this. But then I realized that I did not skip the gym because I was lazy, but rather because life got in the way. I feel good about what I did accomplish (2 miles in 22:02!!). But having a plan does help! So without further ado:

Monday: 1.5 miles. 5 minutes rowing (let’s try this again)

Tuesday: Yoga night! (Will be perfect after my 7 am meeting that morning)

Wednesday: Squeeze 1.5 miles in before another big meeting

Thursday: 2 miler

Friday: Rest day! (We’re going skiing next weekend. I need to save my legs since I haven’t been in a good seven years)

Keep an eye out for my first DIY post next week!


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