Fitness Friday

Since one of my goals this year is to not only get better at running, but also to enjoy it, I decided to start a regular post – “Fitness Fridays” (I’m sure I am not the first to think of that term). I think this will help me set goals, see progress, and keep up a routine.

This week was pretty tough on the whole workout thing because we had several inches of snow so I worked from home on Tuesday and Wednesday. It has also been way below freezing so I am not inclined to run outside…

Saturday: I am pretty sure I did not do a single form of exercise on Saturday. It was so windy over on the Eastern Shore that the idea of running made my head hurt.

Sunday: The weather was actually pretty nice, so T and I went for a little 2 mile run at a park near by as the sun set. I wish I could say I ran the whole thing, but the cold air was killing my throat so I took numerous walking breaks.

Monday: I ran/walked 2 miles on the treadmill. I don’t remember my time, but in future weeks I will get better about recording that! I get really bored running on the treadmill so I decided to watch Parks and Recreation while I run. The episodes are the perfect length of time (20ish minutes) for a lunch break run.

Tuesday: Well it snowed most of the day, but I did go out sledding – does that count? Our farm has tons of great sledding hills, but the one we chose on Tuesday is so steep that you have to bail out at a high speed before you go rushing through the horse fence and down into the woods. I definitely broke a sweat trudging up those hills and rolling around with the dogs.

Wednesday: It was so cold when I went out to feed the animals that the water bucket handles stuck to my gloves (the thermometer read 3 degrees). We in Maryland are not used to these kind of temperatures. I got a good little workout in while breaking ice, in the water buckets, feeding hay, picking out stalls, and hacking at the manure frozen to our concrete apron in the stable. Did a little sledding and spent a lot of time lying in the snow enjoying its silence.

Thursday: Well I remembered to write down my time for once. I ran/walked 1.75 mi in 22:30 while watching the snowfall. I am so slow… I just keep reminding myself that perseverance will pay off and I will eventually get faster, build more stamina, and be able to run longer distances without walking breaks.

IMG_3521-1 copy

Friday: So I packed my gym bag with the full intention of going to the gym during my lunch break. But alas life got in the way and I was unable to go to the gym, let alone make it in to work. Hopefully tomorrow I will be ready to go again! It’s supposed to snow but perhaps T and I can get a short run in. We’ll see how icy the roads are where he lives.


Saturday/Sunday: Run at least a mile outside with T.

Monday: Just get to the gym (it’s gonna be a busy day) and run what I have time for. Realistically it will probably only be a mile.

Tuesday: Run 1.5 miles. Row for 5 minutes.

Wednesday: Yoga class? Or maybe bike for 20 minutes and do some weights for 10.

Thursday: Run 1 mile. Row for 8 minutes.

Friday: Run 2 miles.

Have a good weekend everyone!


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