Fitness Slump

After all the excitement of the past two months – traveling, work, vacation, holidays – it’s very hard to motivate myself to get moving. The holidays got to me. This is my first full week back at work since mid-December and so far I’ve been to the gym everyday, except today. I got to work and immediately got distracted by an early Valentine’s Day surprise from T! (It involved my input which is why I got it early). Then we got sidetracked planning a ski weekend for his birthday and next thing I knew it was 11 am and I still hadn’t delved into the majority of my work. So I skipped my gym workout today…

This seems to be happening more and more. I say skip my lunch workouts because I get distracted or have too much work. But really, it’s because I’m lazy and I know I’ve lost a lot of the ground I gained in my running this fall. I ran a mile on Monday and felt dead. I didn’t even run the whole dang thing. I walked in the middle.

But IĀ will be at the gym tomorrow when lunchtime rolls around. I will go and run, no matter how hard it is. I may even hop on the rowing machine.

Maybe I should start setting goals. Small goals. Weekly goals? Something to think about since I almost never stick to any type of schedule I set for myself. Maybe you all can hold me accountable šŸ™‚

Does any one else struggle with motivation?


On a brighter note, I have started the cable on the sweater I am knitting. It looks so pretty. I am so excited to be taking my knitting skills one step further.



2 thoughts on “Fitness Slump

  1. I’ve been struggling with the motivation of working out again, especially since I was doing so great and then the holidays came and now I can’t seem to get back into it. The funny thing is I even have some amazing new workout clothes and its like they are taunting me from my closet… I definitely need to get back into it!

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