Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

The rising sun hitting the crest of new fallen snow.


A couple inches of snow fell last night. The most we’ve had in a long time. I was up early feeding horses and managed to snap a few photos of this frigid winter wonderland.










3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

  1. Great captures! Love your dog’s photos, especially the snow on the face, sweet! Glad to find another Marylander photography blogger. I’m on the water around Kent Narrows on, you know, the other side…… LOL 🙂 Looking forward to your photos this year. Happy shooting!

    • Thanks! I am a very new photographer and try to find every opportunity to practice 🙂 I travel over to the Eastern Shore very frequently actually! My boyfriend lives in Chestertown so we are often out on the water or exploring Kent and QA counties. I imagine you have you been to Eastern Neck? It’s a great place to see birds and other wildlife.

      • Haven’t been to Eastern Neck in several years, and it was before I started my photograph hobby four years ago. So I need to get down there with my camera for sure. 🙂 In 2013 I’ve had little time to take a full day to visit refuges, my favorite is Blackwater NWR (Cambridge). I’ve been having ‘withdrawals’ not getting to Blackwater, LOL, trying to plan a day down there in next couple weekends when there’s some sun shining! If you haven’t been to Blackwater, it’s a must visit for a wildlife photographer. They have the rare white pelicans there now which I want to go see!

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