Two miles!!

For the first time EVER, I ran two miles today!!!

*happy dance*

I am so excited I can barely think of what to write. Let me rewind a little bit. Over the past week, I have been running increments. They gradually increased until I was running for 8 minutes and walking then running again for 8 minutes. I looked ahead on my C25K app and saw that the next run was supposed to 2 miles, no stopping allowed. What?! I hadn’t run a whole mile since that day about a month ago…

Last night, I was not feeling ready at all to run two whole miles. To me, running two miles sounded like climbing Mount Everest or trekking through the Sahara Desert. T consoled me and suggested we just run to the end of the road and back – about a mile in total. That sounded more doable. The first couple minutes into the run were brutal. I was going so slow, my own dog didn’t even want to run with me.


She wanted to stay up with T, who was chugging along at a much faster clip. I felt my muscles start to warm up. I picked up my speed just a little, reminding myself that I was important to pace myself or else I would never get back to T’s house on two feet. Drizzle started to mingle with the sweat beading down my back. I turned my face up – I can do this! And I did! We made it back just as the skies opened, and I wasn’t crawling!

Today I woke up knowing I had to run those two miles. I complained about how I really didn’t want to do it. But I knew that running those two miles was a very important hurdle. We watched the Ravens game (sadly they lost) and changed into our running clothes. The sun started to peek out for the first time in days. Surely it was a sign!

We drove to the park just down the road. T said we were going to run a square. It turned out to be an amoeba-like trapezoid that measured to exactly two miles (we mapped it out in the car after we ran). The best part – the road was totally flat. No hills to speak of, not even slight inclines.

I felt good as we started out. About a quarter mile in, we passed a field full of horses, miniature ponies, and llamas (or alpacas.. I don’t know the difference).


We kept going, running by beautiful houses on the river and children playing in the yard. The fields were golden and the sky was pink, blue, and gray. The crisp air made it hard to breathe, but this definitely beat running on a treadmill.



I saw the stop sign up ahead. It marked the last short line of the trapezoid. We could see the car in the distance, shining gold in the setting sun like a trophy. My breathing was labored and my knee aching. I can make it. I can make it.

I tapped the golden trophy and slowed to a walk. We climbed in the car and mapped the run out to exactly two miles. I jumped up and down in my seat. I DID IT!

I am so happy right now. T rewarded me with Rita’s – strawberry with nerds 🙂 – since it is closing for the winter today. My knee is hurting a bit, but I am going to rest tomorrow and then continue on my training program.

For the first time ever, I am starting to think that I can actually do this 5K. Just two and a half months ago, I could barely run a quarter of a mile. Now I am doing two! I feel so healthy and strong and happy. Becoming a runner is symbolizing the start of this new chapter of my life and I am so very excited.


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