Our Story: Part 3

I am recording these memories of our relationship so as the years go by and the memories grow hazy, we can remember the important details of our beginning.

The first couple weeks of my time at the Archives were filled with covert glances, excuses to visit each other’s desks, and secret smiles. Our entire start was rather untraditional. I got your phone number in a very odd fashion. You were leaving to go to Florida for conference and left your computer on. The most important file for my project had been left open, locking it so I couldn’t view it on my computer. I went to your colleague to ask if he knew how to contact you so we could close the file on your computer. He got your phone number, wrote it down, and left you a message. I went back to my desk to wait.

After not hearing from you for a while (probably only 15 minutes in reality), I got anxious and voiced this to a fellow intern. She said “I know his number” – apparently she had memorized it when your colleague wrote it down. Feeling a little creepy, I was about to call you when the phone rang in EC1. I answered saying, “I was just about to call you.” After you told me how to get into your computer and hung up, I pulled a classic move. I wanted you to have my phone number, so I texted you to clarify a very obvious detail. I later learned that you were totally bummed when I said I was about to call you, so I think you really didn’t mind my “dumb” moment.

We texted for the rest of the day and into the evening. When my car broke down on the side of the highway in 100 degree heat, we texted. While you were swimming at the pool in Florida, we texted. When my car broke down again, we texted. We shared the information you might share on a first date via text.

When you came back to work after your trip to Florida, I was very nervous. I had only communicated with you in text and not in words for close to a week. Would face-to-face conversation be awkward? Turns out, because of our situation, it couldn’t be because we had to maintain our professional relationship. That pushed any major awkwardness to the wayside.

I don’t remember the particulars of that week until you hurt your ankle playing basketball and did not come into work the next day. After a pretty glum day at work (yes, I missed you a lot), I climbed out of my car and, ever the butterfingers, dropped my iPod. Of course it landed in such a way that the lower half of the screen cracked.

You know how I am always hatching some sort of plot? Well I took the misfortune of cracking my iPod and turned it into a ploy to spend more time with you. After much internal debate, I asked you if you wanted to go to the Apple store at the mall with me after work the next day. You didn’t answer. I paced back and forth in my sister’s room, freaking out.

Finally, my phone buzzed. You asked me to dinner afterward. I tried my hardest to play it cool and not answer right away, but since I am one of the most impatient people on the planet, I only lasted maybe a minute max. You told me later you went into the other room after you asked me to dinner so you would not sit and stare at your phone.

And so, our first date was finally planned (after only three weeks of knowing one another).


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