I don’t know what I want to do with my life in terms of a career, so let’s talk about what I do know: my short-terms goals.

1) Donate my hair – I want to grow out my hair, basque in the glory of long locks, then chop chop.

2) Run a 5k – Right now I can only run a measly 1/4 – 1/3 a mile at one time. My boyfriend ran a 5k in May. I stood on the sidelines in the early morning sunshine watching him cross the finish line full of endorphins, smiles and a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. I really want to be able to join him the next time (or the second to next time) he runs a 5k.

3) Apply to grad school – As an overachieving student, getting rejected from the PhD programs I applied to last fall doused me in cold water. Now I am re-evaulating my choices. I am going to apply to a Master’s program in Maryland at one of the state colleges. I’ll get my mind back into the school mindset, and then decide whether I actually want to get a PhD. Now the big question is do I get an MA in applied sociology or applied anthropology? I’ll save that debate for a future post.

4) Compile, edit and self-publish grandmother’s biography – Last fall when I was unemployed, my dad asked me to start working on a family history. My grandmother is an encyclopedia of information about our family. She has an amazing memory coupled with a gift for storytelling. We are collaborating on a project to record her story. The goal is to have a bound book with photos as well as an iBook.  From there, we will start to work on other parts of our family history.

5) Update wardrobe  My wardrobe is in need of an update. I have a weird mix of clothes I’ve had for a long time and clothes I’ve bought for work. Getting rid of things is very difficult for me since I am very sentimental. But I am determined to be cutthroat and  get rid of clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. that I just don’t wear. Then I get to go shopping!

6) Rediscover my confidence in riding – At a younger age, I could throw myself on any horse and ride. Now, the reality and danger of getting really hurt has sunk its claws into my mind. I have a wonderful 10 year old Cleveland Bay gelding who loves to play tricks and test his riders. Now that I am working full time and living at home, I would like to start riding him out on trail rides again. But his attachment to my mare, as well as his surliness makes it quite difficult. So I need to take little baby steps to gain my confidence back so I can handle whatever he throws my way.

7) Embrace patience – I am an impatient person. I am constantly thinking about the tomorrows of life. I want to learn to live in the now, to appreciate what I have, to hit the pause button. There is no need for me to rush to move out, take the next step with my boyfriend, or start my dream career. Those things will come with time. Now I just need to find techniques to calm my mind now when it gets in impatient overdrive.



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