Date Ideas

It’s a gorgeous evening – what should we do?


It’s so easy to fall into a pattern of eating at the same places and doing the same things every weekend, so I thought I’d make a list of ideas for future reference.

Go on a picnic

Watch a meteor shower

Play tennis

Build a fort

Carve pumpkins

Make homemade pizza

Watch the sunset

See a movie at a drive-in theater

Go for a drive



Cook dinner together

Watch fireworks

Stay at a B&B

Walk in the moonlight

Go to a summer concert/festival/market



Game night

Create a scavenger hunt

Fly a kite

Walk the dogs

Play basketball

Go to the shooting range

Camp out (with s’mores, of course)

Water balloon fight

Go to the driving range

Give massages


TV marathon

Go see a sporting event

Go fishing/crabbing

Visit museums

Put together a puzzle

Go to the beach

Hike in the mountains

Go bird watching

Play mini-golf

Go to the batting cages

Make breakfast for dinner

Go kayaking

Visit a local historical site

Look through old family photo albums

Watch family movies

Go white water rafting

(Credit: Pinterest)


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