New Chapter, New Blog

Sorry for my silence! Life has gotten crazy exciting and I have decided to start a new blog to document it and to reflect this new chapter in my life.

Check it out!

T and I are moving into an old farmhouse that needs lots of love. This means I will officially be moving out of my childhood home and learning how to be an adult. I will be document our journey in fixing up the home, learning to live a healthy life, and of course running.

Thank you to all my followers for your support as I figured out not only how to run, but also what it means to blog and be part of an online community!



Fitness Friday

While I did not stick to my plan exactly, I still got some good workouts in.

Saturday: It poured all day. T and I did the Insanity Fit Test. No comment there…

Sunday: Still pouring! T talked me in to doing the first Insanity workout. It was insane. I hated it, but loved the feeling of finishing it. (I did spend some time lying face down on the floor, especially when we had to do anything related to pushups).

Monday: SO sore from this weekend. It hurts to stand up. It hurts to do anything really. I forced myself to bring my gym clothes to work. Originally planned to go to the gym and do 1.75 miles on the treadmill, but it was such a nice day (after such an awful weekend) that I went for a run with my dad around the 1.5 mile loop by work (finished in about 17 minutes). In order to reach my mileage goal, I walked the last .25 miles on the treadmill at 3.8 and a 4.0 incline.

Tuesday: I decided to take a rest day and meet up with a friend for lunch. Great decision.

Wednesday: They were testing the fire alarms in my building at work so I decided to work from home. Around lunchtime I started to feel restless, so I took Molly out for a run to the end of my road and back. It was 1.5 miles of hills. AND I RAN THE WHOLE THING. That is a huge accomplishment for me. I don’t think I’ve run further than a mile without taking a walking break since my race in November. It was really hard going at first and I kept saying you can walk at that mailbox, you can walk once you get up the hill, you can walk once you get down the hill. But then I just kept going. Did 1.5 miles in 16:51 – getting a bit faster!

Thursday: Back on the treadmill after not seeing if for a while – I didn’t miss it. 2 miles in 23:51.

Friday: No workout for me today. I am off to an anthropology event at the University of Maryland this afternoon. I just got accepted to their Master’s program in Applied Anthropology. I start part-time next fall! So excited 🙂

Next week

Saturday: Yoga in the morning and hopefully a ride in the afternoon before a neighborhood party.

Sunday:Another run to the end of the road and back?? Maybe a ride – weather permitting.

Monday:  2.25 miles

Tuesday: Possible rest day?

Wednesday: 1.25 miles and core conditioning class

Thursday: 2 miles

Friday: 2.5 miles

7 weeks until race day!

Equine Tuesday

Man the weather made it tough to get anything done. We had snow on Tuesday, bitter cold on Wednesday, rain all weekend… you get the point. Luckily I set small goals in anticipation of this.

Brush each horse at least twice

Sounds easy, but remember how I mentioned rain. Well rain = mud horses. Not muddy horses. Mud horses, literally. They were caked hoof to ear and nose to tail in thick mud.

Lunge each horse for at least 10 minutes each

I ended up lunging these guys on a whim. I had originally planned to fit it in yesterday, but on Thursday I was feeling restless and ready to be outside. So I pulled out a very muddy Finnegan, got him in his lunging outfit (side reins and all), and dragged him to the round pen. He was not in a working mood (hence the use of side reins to help deter some explosions), but my stubbornness and patience outlasted his and eventually I had him going in a nice, albeit a bit slow, walk. We even trotted some! I was so happy just to get him moving in a forward, circular direction rather than a backward scramble. I’m slowly learning what works best with him and what he responds to. Hopefully the next lunging session will end as nicely.

Timbre, on the other hand, was an angel. I can just throw a rope halter on her and she’ll go beautifully. She looked a bit stiff/off to the right, but to the left she went great. I had her do a lot of walking and slow trotting in big circles to work on building her muscles back up.

Work on Finnegan’s attachment issues

Kind of dropped the ball on this one. It is so hard to do this because Finnegan is SO attached. While he is eating dinner, I lead Timbre out into the paddock within view of him. He starts to fret even then. I led her out there a couple of times this week but no where near as much as I should. I really need to be consistent – lead her out the same distance, keep her there until he calms a leetle bit and then bring her back – and increase my distance and my definition of “calm” as he improves. I am a bit pessimistic on this one. Any horse people out there have any suggestions on how to deal with attachment issues?

Next week’s goals

The weather is looking a bit better than it was this past week, but not fabulous. Guess that saying “April showers bring May flowers” will be true this year, at least the April showers part.

  • 2 lunging sessions each (mud-permitting) – 10-15 min max because these guys are so out of shape, I can’t do long lunging sessions because going in circles is tough on an out-of-shape horse’s legs.
  • 2 brushings each
  • A ride?? Maybe two?! – if it isn’t too muddy T and I may be able to get one or two rides in this weekend.. fingers crossed!
  • Work on Finnegan’s attachment issues – EVERY NIGHT

Fitness Friday

Saturday: Went on a rather crazy little hike with my friend and three dogs. Most of our time was spent untangling leashes because my two hooligans are almost never walked on a leash and therefore do not know leash etiquette. The dogs had a blast swimming in the bay and getting sand EVERYWHERE. Later that afternoon, T and I went for a run that turned into 2.5 miles…!! I haven’t run that distance since my 5K in November. I know for many people that distance is practically nothing, but for me it was such an accomplishment. Granted I didn’t run the whole thing, but I completed it!

IMG_6405Sunday: T and I (and the dogs) ran about 1.5 miles in the cold gray drizzle. My legs hurt from the day before so this run was very hard.

Monday: Did a 20ish minute yoga routine that focused on my arms and shoulders. This gave my legs a nice and needed break.

Tuesday: Ran 1.5 miles – included some speed work. I didn’t write anything down, but basically I ran 0.10 mi fast (for me) and then walked or jogged for about a minute or so. I “bookended” the run with a warm up jog of 3 minutes and a cool down jog of 2 minutes. 18:22 time.


Wednesday: 1 mile – 10:33 – followed by 15-minute core conditioning class.

Thursday: 2 miles in 24:24. The arch in my left foot started to bother me…

Friday: My arch is still bothering me today. It’s not painful, just feels pulled/feels like there’s pressure there. So instead of running, I biked 6 miles.

Next week

Saturday and Sunday: It’s supposed to rain all weekend so T and I probably are going to try out part of Insanity. He’s been doing it but I haven’t, so we’ll probably start with the fit test. Depending on how my foot is and how the weather cooperates, maybe we will squeeze in a short run.

Monday: 1.75 miles

Tuesday: 2.25 miles

Wednesday: 1.25 miles and 15-minute core conditioning class

Thursday: 2 miles

Friday: No time for the gym! Hope to squeeze in some yoga in the evening.


Equine Tuesday

Does anyone else feel the impatience in the air? Impatience for spring to finally grace us with her presence?

The snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils have ventured out, but the cold air still shows my breath as I shovel manure and throw out hay.





My horses are feeling the impatience. They have been shedding enough hair for a whole flock of birds to build a bird nest castle.


Since the forecast this week is rather grim and I will be away this weekend, I am not going to lay out daily goals. Rather a few goals to accomplish when I can.

  • Lunge each horse once for at least 10 minutes
  • Two good brushings per horse
  • Work on Finnegan’s attachment issues


I’ll be back next week with a more detailed post of how things went and what upcoming plans we have!